I have emphasized criminal defense and plaintiff’s personal injury cases in my law practice for the last twenty eight (28) years throughout northern California. My trial experience is extensive and the results of my cases have been remarkable, whether by effective law and motion work, settlement, or trial. In addition, I have advised people in many other areas of the law and I have seen them through many different times of personal and professional crisis.

I am realistic in the assessment of my cases and practical in advising clients to dedicate emotional and financial resources in pursuit of claims, causes of action, or defenses. I pride myself on being direct and not telling people what they want to hear, but rather telling them what they need to hear. I want my clients to make informed legal decisions in their lives with my assistance. My job is to enable my clients to make sound legal decisions that will often times affect the rest of their lives.

Many times I will even advise against hiring an attorney and direct clients to use their resources for payment of costs or damages associated with the case itself. As a courtesy I always provide the information that is necessary to resolve the issue without legal costs. I do not charge people for a consultation and try to remain available as a resource at all times. I want to be part of the solution rather than compound the problem by unnecessary legal expenses.

My goal is to have a client for life beginning with the first phone call. Upon establishing that trust, I encourage all clients to call me when any legal issue arises in their lives, no matter what it may be. If I am unable to guide them through it, I will refer them to a trusted colleague.

While the trust that begins with that first phone call is the foundation of the attorney-client relationship, my clients are the foundation of my practice. I look forward to being of service to you and your family in any way possible.